Mushroom Game Generator

Taking the indie craze of random generation a step further.

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Mushroom is a random content compiler that outputs playable games that can be tweaked and modified, allowing for rapid game creation.

Ultimately, the tool will output source code, levels, art from a randomly selected zip file, and a randomly selected story text file that's been modified with the names generated by a randomly selected name generator. It also supports random gender selection so if a gender isn't specified for a character, there's a 50/50 chance that the character will be male or female. The final product is a standalone jar file, and applet support is planned.

At first this project will be in house, but after a couple hugs and maybe a kiss goodbye we'll release it into the public domain as a free and open source tool for any game developer to use, modify, and distribute. The games created with the generator will belong to the developers and they'll be able to do with them whatever they want.