Forest Sword Engine

(the new launcher)
A pretty lake

Elephant in the room: It looks like Minecraft, congrats.
While your powers of observation serve you well we set out to make Forest Sword much more than a building game. Technically speaking, Forest Sword isn't a game. It's an engine. An engine that can be added onto and modded with no coding at all. Forest Sword was built around modability, in a way very few game engines are today. It cuts out all of the fluff and lets you add in content with only the parameters you need. Why bother messing with Java variables and learning the engine structure when all you want is to quickly make a sword? And because all of the data files are handled outside of the JAR, no zipping/unzipping is required to edit your content. 

It's coded in Java using LWJGL and is open source and free.

1 GB of RAM is required, although 2 is highly recommended (especially for world generating).
OpenGL 2 or up is required for the game to look best.

Instructions are included in the read me.

If you would like to submit feedback you can use this form.