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Bioshock Infinite

posted Apr 4, 2013, 5:46 PM by Skyler Kistler   [ updated Apr 4, 2013, 5:46 PM ]
I just finished Bioshock Infinite, holy moly. I have trouble comparing it directly to my other favorite games like Portal and Half Life and Zelda, mainly because the time in which they were made is extremely different. So rather than putting it above or below those, I'll put it next to them, as one of my absolute favorite games of all time. The ending was so aisdf,kasdfjasd
The gameplay itself is nothing extraordinary, it's pretty much the same shooting throughout the whole game. So in that sense, the entire game part of it can be absorbed in about 5 minutes. 
On the other hand, the story, the scenery, the feeling of it, and pretty much everything except for the actual game part is 110% fantastic. Those aspects of it can't be grasped in 5 minutes and you need to play the entire game.
If you have the opportunity to do so, play this game. It will be years before something this spectacular comes along again. If you're somewhere buying a game and it's between this and literally ANYTHING else that's come out, choose Bioshock Infinite