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The Old Man's Story

"I am forever in your debt, kind stranger," says the elder. You look around confused. Your thoughts are scattered as you begin to take in your surroundings. The dim light of his house is contrasted by the deep night just outside the window. "Are you sure you're alright?"
"I'm fine."
"You're lying to me."
"Where am I?"
"Where are you? You're right here, shouldn't you know?" the old man says, trying to act surprised.
"I meant where in the world am I?"
"You must think you're not from around here. What a peculiar thing! I will tell you the story they always tell, to cool your mind. Here, have some tea."

You're parched, these fluids will help.

"Long long ago, a group of strong nobleman and warriors stumbled upon an unmarked island. They had with them a vast treasure of some sort, and to keep it hidden from the rest of the world they told no one of the island. Some believe this cargo was actually an injured king, or some other high figure. The group developed the island into a small civilization, it flourished with life, towns were built and beasts became humans. They named this great place The Island of Aequor.
The original founders eventually parted ways with the mortal world, taking the true origins of the paradise to their graves. We as Aequorians continue their legacy and live on, never to leave the island as we must protect the treasure they left."

You sip the tea, it tastes as though you've taken a swig of salt water, but there's something else in it. Ginseng? Coconut? Whatever it is you would be thirsty for more if most of the drink wasn't from the sea.

"I think I need to be getting home," you state politely. Your mind is racing with unformed questions, they are not yet ready to be asked.
"Where is your home? Do you live inland, over in Hesdin?" You offer a confused look, you have no idea where he's referring to. "You seem to have taken quite ill with forgetfulness. They can help get you home, but I really suggest you stay the night rather than travel in the dark. I would be happy to serve you."

You debate his question internally.

"I think I best be on my way, perhaps as you said they can help me."
"Well, I can't say this is the smartest decision. But if you must be going out there now, you're going to need some protection. You can keep the shovel, I have many others."
"Thank you sir, I will find some way to repay you."
"Oh please, it's the least I can do for the one who just saved my life!" He gives you a map and shows you the way to Hesdin.

You get up and exit through the door. You look out across the foggy field, beginning to rethink your decision, but decide to continue on anyway.
"How bad could it be?" 

You venture off, shovel in hand, to the adventure that lies ahead.