We make games.

Team Lucidic is a small indie game developer group with members across North America.
Our main project is the Forest Sword Engine, which is being used in the production of a zombie survival arcade game, 2 open world RPG's, and one multiplayer procedurally generated castle infiltration game.

The Forest Sword Engine
An open source 3D RPG voxel engine written in Java by Team Lucidic.
You can try out the Beta version (by downloading the new launcher) here

Chick3nman talks with HackThePanda about Forest Sword

A game being created by Team Lucidic with Forest Sword. It's an open world RPG that takes place on Aequor (ay-core), a mysterious island that is home to a small civilization of people that haven't had contact with the rest of the world for hundreds of years. You must learn to survive in this strange land while trying to figure out a way back home.

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If you would like to get involved with the community you can do so by visiting the forums here.